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Plane of the week

Today the plane of the week is a Vl3 incredibly equipped with all the bells and whistles a pilot could ask for. With two Garmin G3xs and center mounted Garmin GTN 650 navigation and setting up for approaches is easy. The GTN 650 is a great option for saving space in the cockpit as it is a GPS, NAV/COMM and MFD all in one unit. Below the GTN 650 this VL3 is equipped with electric flaps a back up airspeed indicator and secondary radio. Why the need for two radios? Having two radios allows for up to four frequencies ready at the push of a button making transitions through busy airspace less stressful. Last but not least the we have the Garmin 507 auto pilot (with level) button. Stand by for our next post where we show the LVL button doing its job.

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