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Details matter, fully customize your VL3 experience!

Today’s story will highlight an interesting topic – the design of the VL3 evolution aircraft. As you may know, this ultralight, carbon rocket offers multiple interior and exterior design options for customers to choose from. Let’s take a closer look…

VL3 Exterior
There are four main choices to consider when thinking about designing your aircraft. If you want to keep it simple, you can consider a single colour aircraft option. Our team has six well-known designs flying under the ‘Ultimate JMB’ option, where you will find some basic ideas and inspiration on how your aircraft could be designed. The Ultimate Free and Ultimate One design options are a perfect fit for customer’s who dream of having a uniquely designed aircraft. Our designer will pick up on all your ideas to create a one of a kind plane to rock the airport and be the king of the sky.

VL3 Interior
Did you know that the JMB aircraft works with the highest quality leather for interior seats selection? Yes, that’s right – the very same material that is used for luxury cars production worldwide. Customers can select from the ‘Allure JMB’ interior which provides 4 different models of seats and 7 fabulous colour choices. If you go for the ‘Allure FREE’ option, 4 different seat models, with up to 25 colours of leather and 120 seatbelt colours are available to push the design limit to the next level. There is also an unlimited selection of colours for the stitching and logo’s on the seats.  This allows you to fully customise your new VL3 evolution cockpit in any way you choose.

VL3 Configurator
Earlier this year, we were proud to release the VL3 evolution configurator.  This allows our customers to fully customise and design their aircraft online, prior to meeting with our designer and finalising the aircraft before production. Go ahead and try this great online feature today.  Once you’ve designed the aircraft of your dreams, our team will be more than happy to assist you with further details.


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