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Fliegermagazin AWARD 2021! JMB Aircraft is IN!

Prestige German magazine, Fliegermagazin, has published, for the tenth time, the contenders for the winner of the most renowned award in general aviation, The FLIEGERMAGAZIN AWARD 2021.

Last year JMB won in the category of “BEST 600kg ULTRALIGHT PLANE”. To our surprise, JMB has been nominated again! This year we are proud to announce that we are contenders for the category of  “BEST NEW ULTRALIGHT” as we have had great success with our newest model the VL3 evolution 915is. It would be amazing to bring the trophy home to JMB again! If you believe that JMB deserves this AWARD, please vote for us!

You can vote via the link below. 

If opened with Google Chrome the text can be translated to your native language:

It is the first category “Bestes neues UL”, D for VL3. 

After you fill out your email and write down the code, you will receive email from Fliegermagazin with a link. Then just follow the link. ?

Thank you for your time! Fingers crossed to bring another success to the JMB family!

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