NEWS ROOM: Updates from the VL3 world

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Plane of the week

The first handover of the aircraft equipped with the Rotax 915iS limited edition engine to our German dealer Lisa Zosel!

This VL3 evolution was fully designed with a racing spirit! The exterior design was created only for the VL3 evolution equipped with the Rotax 915 engine. The color is, of course, choseable. Lisa chose Lamborghini orange with the combination of Porsche grey and Porsche dark grey, which became one of the most optional. Interior design was made from light grey Alcantara with an orange details which perfectly match with exterior.

Let’s have a look on installed avionics.The back up analogue gauges compliment the Garmin G3X and GTR225 radio on this well laid out panel. The Trig transponder saves space and keeps it looking neat and compact. 

..and what about the propeller? We offer several types of propellers for this type of engine and one of them is 4 blade DUC which was chosen by the client.

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