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Ground breaking news

After a five year wait and a massive paper trail, JMB Aircraft will finally break ground on their new factory at LKVM Airport in Vysoke Myto, Czech Republic in November.  The long-term project will include two brand new factory buildings adjacent to the runway.  This will go a long way to providing JMB Aircraft and its customers with a smoother production process, faster aircraft delivery and a more efficient aftersales operations.

“The plan is to move the final assembly of the VL3 to the new location near Vysoke Myto as soon as the building is up and ready for operations. This will open up more production space at the current facility to facilitate the EVOLUTION Aircraft project“ commented Jean Marie Guisset, CEO of JMB Aircraft.

Big plans need immediate action.  As announced earlier, JMB will not only manage the VL3 production, but have also added the fabulous 4 seater, turbine powered, EVOLUTION to its fleet. You can read more about this announcement here.

The first phase of the construction process will provide over 1800 square meters of space with direct access to LKVM Airport. In the near future, JMB is looking to expand the production facility at this location, with phase two providing another 2600 square metres of production space.

“We are absolutely thrilled about finally breaking ground on the land next to the airport. This facility will move our production, operations and customer care to the next level“, added Mr Guisset.   

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