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VL3 flight functionality expands with JMB Connect, the world’s first integrated app for ultralight aircraft

CHOCEN, Czech Republic, GENT, Belgium/FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany

JMB Aircraft announced today that they will redefine the General Aviation market segment with the integration of the JMB Connect app in every VL3 aircraft, through a partnership with AVIATIZE, the Belgian aviation software company. The JMB Connect app is based on the Aviatize Companion app from Aviatize, with extended functionality.

JMB Aircraft CEO Jean-Marie Guisset: ” Our VL3 series will be equipped with the JMB Connect app to deliver the best information platform to our customers. This includes aircraft status and checklists, flight planning, pro-active maintenance scheduling and JMB Aircraft updates. Literally, in the palm of their hand. With the JMB Connect app we set the bar higher and provide more value to our customers.”

JBM Aircraft announced that the app is also available for existing customers.

The JMB Connect app connects the aircraft with its owner to maximize control and make it easy to manage the plane. The owner gets notifications when something needs his/her attention such as fuel quantity, oil consumption, tyre pressure, cabin temperature, location and more. Besides talking to the aircraft, the app also controls document and license expiry and renewal, enables you to plan flights , check weather and NOTAMS, and notifies the owner of maintenance requirements. Through the app, JMB Aircraft will be able to communicate with owners and send safety and operational information. VL 3 owners can enter technical issues in the app and get in contact with their service centres.

When a new VL3 is sold, the owner will be able to follow the progress of the building process through the JMB Connect app. From the start of the build to final delivery of the aircraft, the JMB Connect app is the owner’s perfect companion.

At AERO, the app will be made available to existing customers to allow them to manage flights on their VL3.The European UL aircraft manufacturer, based in the Czech Republic, is continuously at the leading edge of innovation: Earlier this month, JMB announced test flights with the world’s very first ultralight aircraft equipped with a TurboTech turbine engine. 

The AVIATIZE suite combines Flight Planning, Maintenance Scheduling, Flight Bookings, Safety Management, Training, Documentation, Full Compliance and Cost Control into a seamless interface which is powerful, easy to use and integrated in both mobile and web applications—no matter where in the world a mission takes you.

Tom Verbruggen, CEO of AVIATIZE: “We are excited beyond explanation about teaming up with a world-class  manufacturer, JMB Aircraft, to integrate our Flight and Airplane Management platform onto their VL3 series. We share the same vision with JMB Aircraft, to always seek for better ways to help our users and to be at the forefront of innovation. I have flown the VL3 myself and enjoyed every minute of it. I am pleased to be part of the efforts of JMB Aircraft to set the bar higher with regards to safety and optimisation for a new generation of pilots in this growing market segment. ”

We bring simplicity, smart insights and a proactive approach to your next flight. AVIATIZE Your Flying!  Join us at AERO Friedrichshafen 2022 and touch base with innovation ‘Made in Europe’.

Tom Verbruggen, CEO,, +32 471 234 697, AERO booth A6-107

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