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Applications open for Raid Mermoz 2023

The Mermoz Raid is the largest transcontinental air raid for ultralight aircraft. This unique aeronautical adventure was designed for pilots wanting to experience the living spirit of explorers such as Jean Mermoz, Antoine de Saint Exupéry, Guillaumet and others…

The 4th edition of Mermoz will take place in May 2023 and will be a little different than previous versions.  Two different groups will take a shorter and longer route of the experience. Final destinations will be kept secret until the very last moment, but the  objectives of the Raid will be clearly defined before the trip commences.

Take up the challenge of flying nearly 50 hours in the footsteps of Mermoz and Aéropostale. Experience unforgettable moments as a group, in full solidarity with our local friends and discover other ways of life in different destinations. This one of a kind event is a good fit for all disciplined pilots with a little aeronautical and navigational experience, who are perfectly at ease with using the radio in French and English languages.

For those that wish to participate and do not have enough flying experience with the VL3, there is also the possibility of specific supervision by experienced instructors during the Raid Applications are now open to register for both the short and longer version of Raid Mermoz. Feel free to visit the brand new website and start your enrolment for this unforgettable Mermoz journey today.

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