NEWS ROOM: Updates from the VL3 world

Read our latest news and find out which exhibitions we are going to attend this year.

VL3 heading to Blois

With the end of summer approaching, it‘s once again that time of the year to bring the VL3 evolution to Salon Mondial de l’ULM. This special aviation event, held between September 2 – 4 2022 in the city of Blois, France, offers a unique overview of the complete ultralight aircraft industry in one place.

“This year, there will be four aircraft on display at our booth G1 – 16/17, including a 912 with Edge Performance upgrade and our new development project, the VL3 turbine.“ said Jean Baptiste Guisset, CEO of JMB aviation. 

As well as having a great experience with our staff on site, visitors can also look forward to flight demonstrations performed by our pilots.  This will also include formation flights and demo flights of the VL3 turbine. Should you want to learn more about the event, feel free to contact our dealer at JMB aviation or, even better, meet us in Blois during the first weekend of September.

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