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Safety is our #1 priority

Quality control is the key factor to the safety of our products. Our engineers control the quality standards at each stage of the production process. This starts from incoming material through the lamination, finishing and final assembly departments and on to the final test flights and final control before delivery of the aircraft.

The VL3 was successfully tested to ultimate loads of up to +15 Gs and total load of 600 kgs in collaboration with the Czech Aerospace Institute. The aircraft is produced from aviation certified materials including carbon resin, electronic components and more. The base aircraft configuration comes equipped with stall strips and certified aviation bolts.

Basic safety features
– Autopilot
– AOA (Angle of attack indicator)
– Rescue system
– Smart glide Garmin
– Stall strip
– Heated pitot

Additional safety features (upon customer’s request)
– TCAS (traffic alert & collision avoidance)
– ELT (emergency locator transmitter)
– Carbon monoxide detector
– External display for AOA
– LEVEL up button
– Oxygen

The unique safety feature of airframe parachute is designed to protect pilots in the event of an emergency by lowering the aircraft to the ground after deployment. In the event of an in-flight emergency, the pilot has the option to deploy a solid-fuel rocket out of the hatch which covers the compartment where the parachute is stored.

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