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JMB Team would like to spread the news that we are nominated for the Fliegermagazin AWARD 2020 in the category „Best 600 kg Ultralight plane”. This nomination is a great honour for the whole team!

Nomination for the Fliegermagazin AWARD 2020 in the category „Best 600 kg Ultralight plane"
Nomination in the Fliegermagazin AWARD 2020

If you are a fan of our VL3s and think that we deserve such an award, we would be very grateful if you could support us in this competition by visiting Fliegermagazin’s website (it is in German) and giving us your vote. After entering your contact details, you will receive a link to the page where you can vote. We compete under the letter „F“ in “Kategorie 1: Bestes 600-Kilo-UL”. The results will be announced at AERO 2020!

Fliegermagazin AWARD 2020
Fliegermagazin AWARD 2020
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