NEWS ROOM: Updates from the VL3 world

Read our latest news and find out which exhibitions we are going to attend this year.

Plane of the week

Would you like to design your own plane? We already know the answer… with the Ultimate FREE option. The aircraft following design was created at the customer’s request in combination with Porsche gray, Porsche dark gray and Mitsubishi P26 CMP10026. The RETRO Interior design was made from light grey leather with a red stitches which creates a very elegant combination.

The customer has chosen a mixture of Garmin and Trig avionics.  The classic double G3X set up is backed up with Trig radio and transponder and Garmin autopilot.  The back-up airspeed indicator and altimeter complete this nicely laid out instrument panel. 

Todays plane of the week is also equipped with a very useful option, the gull-wing cargo door currently exclsuive to the VL3 in the light aircraft category.

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