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Plane of the week #4️⃣3️⃣4️⃣

Here we go with another plane of the week! This week’s VL3 evolution is equipped with the 912 engine, Woodcomp KW20 hydraulic propeller, manual flaps and cargo door.

The exterior design was fully customised to the clients choice. He went for the Ultimate FREE option, which means that the design was made according to his personal wishes and it cannot be used for another customer in the future. The combination of the paint is very original. We have used Moon White, Lamborghini Viola Pasifae, Porsche Dark Grey, Lamborghini Blue Nethuns and Lamborghini Verde Ithaca. 

The interior design was mainly made from light grey leather with an elegant purple line in Alcantara. The shape of the seats is Allure Vintage, one of the favourites in the VL3. 

More and more of our customers are falling in love with the look of the G5 next to the G3X. As well as being a fantastic back up instrument, it looks great in this configuration. The familiar duo of the Trig radio and transponder sets it off nicely.

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