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FLIGHT TESTS of 915 successfully completed

Dear VL3 Evolution lovers,

It’s an achievement of 18 months’ work, on 24th of April, JMB Aircraft has performed the last flight test of the VL3 Evolution ROTAX 915is. A big thanks to our engineers and our workers who dedicated their strong work and team spirit to this great step in the development of the company.

JMB Aircraft is proud to announce some achievement from the past few months. After more than 100 hours of flight test with two planes, we manage with success to perform V-dive test reaching 381 km/h IAS and 425 km/h TAS, this enable us to safely increase our VNE up to 340 km/h IAS.

Today, with all nominal operating parameters, we climbed to FL180 in 13 minutes with one short level off due to a too fast climb reported by ATC. The condition were ISO +7 degrees Celsius and 600 kg MTOW. Our test pilots performed a level flight of several minutes at max. continuous power and reached 380 km/h TAS and broke the mythic 200kts barrier.

JMB Aircraft would like to thank the five new customers who ordered the VL3 915 last week. We now reach 21 orders, with already 2 VL3 915 flying and 8 in production line.

After hard work from our marketing department and website designer, we are also really proud to announce the launch of our new website. You are all invited to discover it.

Fly safe, be safe,
JMB Aircraft team

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