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Mission accomplished!

On a chilly April morning at a small airfield in the city of Pardubice located about 100km from the heart of Europe, a flight took place. This was no ordinary flight, a humanitarian mission to deliver personal protective equipment and supplies to local hospitals to help combat the spread of Covid-19. Many pilots volunteered to help the community and support our local medical heroes. Owners of small aircraft started the project “pilots for people” in these difficult times, offering a helping hand in the delivery of essential supplies. JMB is proud to announce that a Vl3 evolution was used to assist in a state of national emergency. On Tuesday, April 21st, one hundred pieces of specially manufactured face shields using 3D printing technology were delivered to Frydlant nad Ostravici. JMB would like to thank the Pilots and medical staff who have been kind enough to help the community in these difficult times and have put others above themselves. 

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