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Become a VL3 pilot

Did you know that obtaining a pilot license for ultralight aircraft is not a hard thing to do, neither does take ages? Yes, that’s exactly the case. An ultralight aircraft pilot license entitles to fly aerodynamically controlled two-seater aircraft to a total take-off weight of 475 kg. This is the most affordable and most frequently attended course at most of the flying schools all over the world.

And guess what? At JMB aircraft out of Vysoke Myto (LKVM) airport we provide the flying lessons with experienced instructors as well. Our team is ready to give you basic instructions on how to operate the VL3 evolution aircraft and take you up in the air to learn how to handle the actual flying experience too.

There are just basic requirements such as minimum age of 18 years old and medical certificate from authorized physician needed. Are you ready to fullfil your dreams and become a pilot today? Inquire now at and we will be happy to provide more details.

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