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Plane of the week

It’s time for another beauty of the week! The VL3 evolution equipped with Rotax 915iS engine, 4blade DUC propeller with blue tips, electric flaps and certified safety belts.

What can we say about design? It’s a such a masterpiece! Explosions of the colour, unique interconnection and an absolutely unmissable look. The exterior falls under the Ultimate FREE option as a limited edition design for the VL3 evolution, equipped with the aforementioned Rotax 915iS engine. This plane will literally steal your attention! The exterior paint is a mix of Porsche Dark Grey, Porsche Grey, Red bull blue and Sunset Kawasaki Orange, so much creativity!

The interior design was made from the combination of Alcantara material and leather. The client has chosen the Race look. The side part of the seats is made from dark grey leather, with both light grey and blue Alcantara in the centre. The overall appearance of the seats is highlighted by an orange line in leather and a new type of headrest with an orange silhouette of our aircraft.A massive amount of thought has gone into choosing the avionics for this Vl3.  It’s brings together a mixture of pure beauty and wonderfully planned safety.  The G3X is backed up by the G5, which is backed up by the analogue air speed indicator, altimeter and bank indicator.  Does it get any safer than this?  It certainly doesn’t get any cooler! ? 

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