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Interns welcome at JMB

It’s been more than a couple of months an intern from Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Éspace Mayeul arrived to Chocen to begin his gap year intership in aerodynamics. No surprise he happened to find out about JMB Aircraft from another VL3 evolution owner and did not hesitate to send his request to spend the internship in the Czech Republic.

Mayeul works on aerodynamic studies by using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) for characteristics improvement of the VL3 aircraft. What does that mean? For example working on flaps like calculating forces and stress the flap experiences at different speeds or their deflection angles in order to increase the maximum speed.

“In school we are taught a lot about theory but lack applications to concrete cases with real objectives and responsibilities” Mayeul says while enjoying his abroad experience in Czech. He will been using his knowledge to help us and improve the VL3 evolution until January 2021 before he returns back to Toulouse, France to finish his studies.

“I love my stay here at JMB aircraft, the team and environment are amazing. This internship period allows me to get hands on experience with real aircraft and I have been seriously enjoying it” Mayeul mentiones.

Are you interested in spending your internship with the JMB? We love working with students. For more details, feel free to inquire and send your applications to at anytime.

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