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JMB 2021 dealer meeting

It’s the time of the year for a whole JMB family to come together and meet our friends from all over the world. This year’s dealer meeting location was set to the city of Amougies in Belgium, a place where it all started, home of the JMB Aircraft CEO Jean Marie Guisset.

“It’s always great to meet with everyone in one place, the dealer meeting provides us with an opportunity not to only discuss what has been done over a past year but also share ideas and thoughts on improving the VL3 evolution aircraft as well as our company services towards future.” the CEO said.

And what was the “flight plan” of the meeting? Top of a very necessary team building time spent together while visiting local beer factory, each manager posted a speech highlighting current status of each company department to provide dealers with latest updates and news.

Thank you all for meeting us in Belgium, on behalf of JMB family, we wish everyone safe travels back home and are looking forward to the next years edition already.

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