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Plane of the week #4️⃣4️⃣1️⃣

It’s time for plane of the week! Today it’s about a VL3 evolution equipped with the Rotax 912 engine, Woodcomp KW20 hydraulic propeller, manual flaps and cargo door.

The exterior design was made at the request of the client according to the selected Ultimate FREE option. This design is not blocked by the client, so if you like it, it can be definitely used for your future VL3 aircraft. Here is some information about the paint we have used. It’s Lamborghini Orange, Porsche Dark Grey, Porsche Grey and Moon White Skoda.

This beauty uses the tried and tested mix of Garmin and Trig. The G3X touchscreen flight display and the GMC 507 autopilot set the level for Garmin. Trig is represented with their fantastic, space saving radio and transponder. The safety first approach is taken with the Garmin G5 and an analogue air speed indicator for back-up.

Get ready for take off & start designing your VL3 via online CONFIGURATOR built into our website today. The JMB crew will be more than happy to assist you with any additional requests or details about our aircrafts.

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