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JMB hands over VL3 serial number 500

Last week was a very special week at JMB Aircraft, as our Portuguese customer arrived at the factory in Czech Republic to officially receive his third VL3 Evolution aircraft. This aircraft is very special, not only for our guest, but also for the whole JMB team.  What made it so special?  This aircraft marks a production milestone for JMB Aircraft, carrying the serial number #500.

CEO Jean Marie Guisset addressed all JMB Aircraft employees and said “This is another unique landmark for JMB.  We are improving our product every single day, and the biggest thank you goes to all of you who are standing here, because you are the ones who make it happen.”

The company has been speeding up the production on a yearly basis, and expect to deliver over 70 aircraft this year. In the meantime, the new production facility is moving forward to expand the production capacity, as well as accommodate the new project, the four-seater EVOLUTION. 

“I am honoured to be a guest at this special event. The VL3 is an amazing aircraft and the people here make a very special aviation product. You can mark down my words, I will be delighted to put my order through for aircraft serial number #1000,” added our special guest from Portugal after the aircraft was officially handed over to him.

On behalf of JMB Aircraft, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, including our valued customers, passionate employees, suppliers, dealers as well as all supporters and fans of this one of kind aviation journey!

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