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New features of the VL3 Evolution 9️⃣1️⃣5️⃣

At JMB aircraft, we do everything we can to develop every aspect of our aircrafts to it’s full perfection. Lates development features of the plane are connected to the autopilot function and occasion of engine failure on the VL3 evolution 915 series. These features can be now isntalled upon customers request.

Great feature when in need of go around or miss approach due to a high approach speed or someting wrong happening on the landing runway. When pushing the go around button, trotle forward and flaps up, the plane will climb and circle around with the approach to another final decent.

Is a feature, that can be used during the circumstances of an engine failure. This fuction will immediately pinch the plane to it’s best glide spead and select the nearest airport to land at.

Should you wanna learn more about these features, watch a full test flight preview on our Youtube and do not forget to request your demo to fly the fastest ultralight aircraft on the market with us.

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