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AERO 2022 | In case you missed it!

It’s been two years since general aviation exhibitors gathered by the lake, in the town of Friedrichshafen, to showcase their products and latest developments, and JMB Aircraft was proud to once again be part of it.

The well know AERO exhibition took place from April 27-30th this year, and was attended like never before. ‘We have run out of printed brochures after first two days, and that has certainly never happened before.’ said Lisa Zosel, director of the JMB Aircraft dealership in Germany.

The reason for so many attendees coming to the sparkling, newly designed JMB booth was quite obvious – the introduction of the new development project, THE VL3 TURBINE.  This received a massive amount of interest from visitors throughout the expo. ‘We have worked on this project for many years and are really excited to be able to showcase it to the general aviation public, especially here in Friedrichshafen.’ explained the CEO of JMB Aircraft, Jean Marie Guisset.

However, it wasn’t only the turbine which attracted a lot of attention at the JMB stand. The static display of a composite four seater, the Evolution Aircraft, a new acquisition in the JMB production range, attracted many people, who enjoyed its astonishing beauty whilst relaxing in the warm sun just outside the exhibition halls. 

‘My dream was always to produce a four seater, and thanks to our recent negotiations with the owner of Evolution Aircraft, we are moving the production of this aircraft to the Czech Republic in the coming months. This will expand our product portfolio to the another level.’ commented Mr. Guisset.

It was a successful week with over 15 planes sold during the exhibition. JMB Aircraft would like to give special thanks to all the visitors, customers, staff, dealers, suppliers and aviation enthusiasts who visited and supported us.  We are already looking forward to next year’s edition of this amazing event.

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