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Evolution Aircraft joins forces with JMB

This is a must watch! JMB Aircraft have announced that a collaboration deal has been made with the producer of the Evolution, a composite, four-seater, turbine powered aircraft. 

“We have had discussions with Jean-Marie for over four years about the possibility of joining forces. This year I finally visited the production facility in Chocen, CZ and was quite impressed by what I saw.“ said Robert Wolstenholme, the CEO of Evolution Aircraft.

JMB will take over the production of the Evolution at their facility in Czech Republic, as well as help with the sales and marketing.  The part of Evolution Aircraft based in the United States will handle research & development and service & maintenance. 

“The idea was to make a mini PC-12, and when I first flew the Evolution I found exactly what I was looking for, I knew right away, it was just ‘BINGO’.“ added Jean-Marie Guisset, CEO of JMB Aircraft.

Longer version of the interview is available on @hirnklempner‘s Youtube channel. Stay tuned for more information coming soon.

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