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Servicing EVOLUTION in the Czech Republic

As previously announced, production of the EVOLUTION Aircraft has moved to our JMB Aircraft facility located in Chocen, Czech Republic. We will not only take over the production process of this, one of a kind, turbine powered, aircraft, but will also perform service & maintenance. As a result of this, the first EVOLUTION (#88) was serviced here during the month of September.

“The customer arrived at LKVM airport at the beginning of the week. We immediately assessed the current condition of the aircraft and took the necessary action to ensure that RTS followed only a few days later.“ mentioned Ryan Wolstenholme, head of the Evolution service crew. 

With almost 100 EVOLUTION aircrafts now flying and over 25,000 fleet hours, there is no doubt that the aircraft has met the original design goals for comfort and speed. The choice you now have is no longer between fast and slow but between fast and near jet speeds. However, our goal is to increase the number of worldwide service & maintenance facilities in order to provide the best possible support to all owners, as safety will always be number one in our book. 

“The whole visit to the JMB facility was just a blast, and I am so glad that this service could finally be done while visiting the production and spending time with your crew in the Czech Republic.“ added the current owner of the aircraft after his visit.

Demo flights are now AVAILABLE upon customer request.  Feel free to ENQUIRE NOW and experience this unique aircraft which will soon be rolling off the JMB Aircraft production line.  

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