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The beginning of a new chapter!

It was a busy September at JMB Aircraft. Earlier this year, the producer of the fastest ultralight aircraft, the VL3 evolution, announced that a cooperation deal had been completed with Evolution Aircraft. Following this statement, both companies exhibited their aircrafts together at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, and this fall the production of the EVOLUTION will move to the JMB Aircraft facility in the Czech Republic.

“We are super excited to finally start working together with EVOLUTION Aircraft on building this wonderful 4-seater plane. This month, we received all the building and tooling material from the US and we will start production in the coming weeks“ commented William Jaunet, Production Manager at JMB Aircraft.

Here are some detailed numbers of what the JMB team had to take care of during the delivery of tooling for the EVOLUTION project:

✔️ 12 weeks of shipment,
✔️ 8 containers of tooling,
✔️ 27 tons of material,
✔️ 4 days of unloading,
✔️ 22 people involved,
✔️ 1000+ aircraft parts.

It’s definitely a time of EVOLUTION at JMB Aircraft these days. Should you want to learn more about this one of a kind 4-seater, turbine powered aircraft, feel free to visit THIS PAGE and make sure to book your demo. Do it sooner rather than later, as the amount of interest for this unique aviation project is really huge.

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