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JMB’s VL3 & Evo in the air together!

“In October 2023, an extraordinary event unfolded in Oregon, USA. It marked the serendipitous convergence of two remarkable airplanes, a VL3 and an Evo, soaring through the skies. We were fortunate to capture this momentous encounter on film. Notably, the VL3 aircraft, distinguished by its serial number 461, had earlier made a remarkable transatlantic journey in the summer of 2023 when it participated in an air show in Oshkosh.

The Evo turbine, part of JMB aircraft products, is a 4-seater marvel. The VL3, affectionately dubbed ‘Baby Evo’ by some, demonstrated its exceptional capabilities as it gracefully shared airspace with the Evo equipped with a turbine engine, reaching a remarkable speed of 180 knots, resulting in the creation of some truly unique photographs.

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