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The Sky’s is the limit

Back in 2015, PPG embarked on one of its most high-flying relationships by partnering Founded in Belgium by brothers Jean Marie and Jean Baptiste Guisset, the company began life as JMB Aviation. The company used a private airfield owned by the brothers to operate a successful flight school, as well as selling various aircraft including the VL3 – the world’s fastest ultralight aircraft. The Guisset brothers and JMB Aviation were sales representatives for the VL3 in the Benelux region for many years. In 2012, the brothers bought the project, creating JMB Aircraft in the Czech Republic and becoming the official manufacturer of the VL3 Evolution aircraft. JMB Aircraft is the leading company in term of performance, design and quality for the ultralight plane segment, with one of its key offerings being the ability to customise both the interior and exterior of the aircraft to customers’ exact specifications.

Although JMB Aircraft uses a dedicated distributor for day-to-day tasks, the relationship between PPG and JMB is unique in that PPG is able to provide the advanced support, products and expertise required when creating a personalised plane or aircraft “JMB customers can request any colour for their plane,” says Carsten Seyer, PPG business development manager, North Europe. “Sometimes we get a picture of a plane or car from the customer, and PPG matches the colour.” PPG’s unique position in the aerospace market means that this partnership goes much further than simply colour matching and providing paint. A deeper understanding of the industry means that PPG recognises the priorities and challenges of aircraft manufacturers and can offer innovative solutions. The two companies combine their years of experience and knowledge, working together to overcome many different challenges relating to the production of custom aircraft.

“We both propose new application methods to see if they can help JMB to fulfil its customer requirements better than traditional methods,” explains Seyer. “A good example of our teamwork is in the area of dark colours, which are often requested by JMB customers. This can be a technical challenge as dark colours retain heat, and we need to avoid the plane’s wings getting too hot as they carry the fuel. It is challenges like these that make our partnership so valuable.” François Stelandre, head of design for JMB Aircraft, explains why partnering with PPG is so important to JMB when it comes it meeting their customers’ requirements: “JMB Aircraft is looking for the best for our customers. Our customers come to us to create the plane of their dreams, and we put a lot of energy into the details and personalisation of each plane.”

When it comes to customising aircraft, the possibilities are endless. JMB Aircraft frequently tests new and experimental methods and techniques to ensure that customers can see their dream aircraft become a reality. “We want to have the perfect paint job and the highest quality of clearcoat,” says François. “Customer satisfaction is our priority, and by working with PPG products, we’re able to reach the level of quality that our customers deserve.” Both PPG and JMB Aircraft are renowned for breaking boundaries to deliver innovative products and services of the highest quality, which helps to explain why this complementary relationship is so successful. Even with unusual requests, François is secure in the knowledge that PPG is on hand to offer support:

“With PPG’s support, there are never problems, just solutions. Even if our customer has a non-standard request, you can be sure that we will find the solution, and this is priceless.”

The collaboration between PPG and JMB Aircraft is set to continue. With both companies firmly at the forefront of their sectors, the sky’s the limit. “PPG gives JMB Aircraft full and personal support,” states François Stelandre. “As the head of design, that gives me the freedom to create special and unique planes. JMB Aircraft is really happy and thankful to work with PPG.”

Source: PPG Refinish EMEA Repaint Reporter

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