NEWS ROOM: Updates from the VL3 world

Read our latest news and find out which exhibitions we are going to attend this year.

VL3 coming to RENO Air Races

Join us at the Fastest Place on Earth, the Reno Air Races September 13th through 17th at Reno-Stead Airport, Reno Nevada.  JMB’s VL3 will be featured as a pace plane at the event, joining the fastest planes in the air.  Taking First Place as one of the fastest planes in its class, JMB’s VL3 is the ultimate cross-country speedster providing speeds of 200kts while burning less than 8gph at 75% power!  Sleek, fast, and highly efficient with a build quality second to none, JMB’s VL3, and turbine Evolution, are a winning combination! Visit us at our booth, located at the east end of the ramp, in the Jet Class Pit Area – Hang ’in with the Jets! 

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